Not your ordinary cat furniture . . . 

  Catinista was a dream that has become a reality.  I personally think that cat furniture should be just that. Furniture.

   I started shopping for Cat Furniture and cat trees and most where pressboard, small in size, carpeted or just not to my taste. I also wanted my tree to last.  We live in a disposable society, and I wanted something to have for years to come.

  I wanted beauty, functionality & durability. I wanted something to hold large size cats and something that could be cleaned.  I wanted a WOW factor, a conversation piece that both the cats and I could enjoy.  I couldn't find anything that met all the requirements.  So, I decided my best option was to make it myself and provide it for others.

  My wonderful  husband came alongside of me and offered to help me put my dreams and  ideas into shape.  Catinista was born.  We started with our own personal cat tree implementing everything we felt we couldn't find. 

  At Catinista we desire to bring beauty to the feline abode, and to design Cat Furniture and Cat trees to fit with any decor.   Every cat, PureBred or Domestic along with their owners should have the Cat Furniture they love and enjoy. We strive to provide Functional Art in the body of furniture that meets the needs of cat owners and cats everywhere. Including large breed cats. Our furniture is built to be sturdy with all cats including large, male Maine Coons or active Bengals.  

  Catinsita is not your ordinary Cat Furniture or Cat Tree maker. We desire to be set apart. Your cat is unique and so should their Cat Furniture or Cat Tree.

 The sky's  the limit. 

This Tree Is not available. It is an example of what we make. Please contact us to create a Catinista Design to fit your personal needs.